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Shah Baharo

Shah Baharo House is one of the houses of Cadet College Larkana. It was inaugurated on 21 April, 1997. The name Shah Baharo House is attributed in the remembrance of great commander of Larkana named Shah Baharo. In late 16th century, Kalhoras started their rule in. In their rule, Shah Baharo was a ruler of Larkana. The tomb of Shah Baharo is located near Sabzi Mandi, Empire road Larkana. Shah Baharo was a General in the Kalhora period (started late 16th century). Shah Baharo is said to be winner in 84 wars.

There are 24 specious rooms in the house along with one recreation Hall with TV and table tennis. It can accommodate more than 100 cadets. Water filter plant is also installed for drinking water.

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"Coverage and Conviction".

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